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Read these practical tips to find out what you can do to help prevent the spread of Formosan termites.

Formosan termites are a form of subterranean termite, which are known worldwide for their destructive behaviors. These pests, which consume wood and cellulose extremely rapidly, are known for being a common problem throughout Mississippi and Louisiana. The best way to control Formosan termites is to make your area less attractive for their colonies in order to diminish their spread. Here are just a few ways that you can reduce the distribution of Formosan termites in your region.

Examine the Environment Around Your House

Like many other pests, Formosan termites are attracted to areas where they will find a large source of moisture and food. For these termites, this means damp wood. If your yard has wood littering the ground, this is a very appealing and appetizing invitation for the subterranean termites in your area.

When we mention wood on the ground around your home, this does not only mean piles of firewood or other substantial amounts of wooden material. This also refers to small pieces of wooden debris that could have fallen from trees on your property. You can reduce the risk of attracting termites if you keep these types of items cleared away from your home as frequently as possible. (more…)

termitesFormosan termites are subterranean members of the termite family, known around the world for their destructive tendencies. Read on to learn the best ways to prevent their spreading.

On What Do Formosan Termites Live?

These termites consume cellulose and wood at a rapid rate, and they are commonly found in Louisiana and Mississippi. The most effective way to control them is by making the area in which you live or work less attractive for termite colonies. This will help in diminishing their spread.

Address Any Moisture Problems in Your Business or Home

Formosan termites are attracted to buildings with drainage or moisture problems. These cause the wood and other building materials to stay moist. If this moisture persists, brown rot may develop, producing brown rot fungi. This fungus is very attractive to Formosan termites, and having fungi of this type in your home or business facility can encourage these termites to spread.

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