Termites are quite prevalent in Louisiana, and many homes will see termites over the course of their “lives”. Some homeowners do not think that they need annual inspections, if their home has been previously treated. This is a misconceived notion, because termite colonies don’t know the difference between wooden structures and dead wood found on the ground.

Periodic Inspections Are Important

Periodic termite inspections by trained and certified pest control technicians are a vital part of ensuring that your home or business is not affected by termites. Otherwise, termites can do a great deal of damage.

Termites will cause extensive damage if they are not detected. Subterranean termites can consume as much as three percent of their individual body weight in wood every day. The amount they consume is dependent on the colony size, the termite size and environmental conditions. A mature colony can consume 1/5 ounce or five grams of wood every day. A mature colony of termites can eat one foot of a 2×4 pine wall stud in less than three months, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

If Termites Go Unnoticed, They Go Untreated

Termites can damage a structure without even being detected, since home or business owners may overlook damage signs. During a trained pest control technician’s inspection, there may only be a small mud tube in the attic, crawlspace or on the foundation exterior to show that termites are actively consuming wood in the structure. The mud tube may be hidden behind tall grass or shrubbery.