While Sugarland Exterminating has been declared an
Essential Business, We are Sorry that for now and until further notice, we will not allow Walk-ins into the office. All transactions will be handled at the door. Also, Services will be on Exteriors of Residences and Businesses for now. In the event that there is an emergency service inside, one of our Professional Team Members will completely suit up for that kind of service. This is for All Parties Protection and Safety/Health. After services outside are complete, all transactions will be texted preferably if you choose or handled outside at the door with the proper distance suggested by the medical professionals. Our Team of Professionals have been properly equipped with Gloves, Masks/respirators and Sanitizers. We Thank You for your Trust and Confidence you have placed in us over the past 48 years, But Especially now. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU!