When it comes to keeping your house safe from pests, there might be none more feared than the termite. Termites are known for the massive damage they can cause to homes and if left unchecked long enough, sometimes they can even do so much damage that the home itself is in danger of collapse.

The earlier termites are caught and exterminated, the better off you and your home will be. Read on to learn the five signs you should never ignore that could mean termites.

Sign # 1: What Does That Cracked and Bubbling Paint Mean?

There are many different reasons that paint can bubble, crack, and peel, so this isn’t necessarily a sign that you have termites, but it’s not something that should be ignored. Generally the root cause of cracking paint, and especially bubbling paint, is that moisture is getting in the spaces between the wood and the paint. This causes the damage that comes off as flaking paint. While it might just be minor moisture and water damage, you’ll still want to check it out.

Damage of any kind is never good, and there’s a chance that the moisture is getting in because of termites burrowing into the wood. Don’t just paint over it – get these problems checked out by a pest control specialist just to be on the safe side!

Sign # 2: Look for Any Signs of Mud Tubes

Mud tubes are just what they sound like. These are small cylindrical tubes made of mud that are often created by subterranean termites. These types of termites need moisture when they travel, so they will build a tube from their nest underground to their food source (the wood in your house). If you see muddy tubes or long mud “fingers” around the foundation of your home or in the basement, it’s time to get an exterminator over immediately.

Subterranean termites are among the most damaging kind and you do not want to let them go unchecked through any building. The moment you find any signs of mud tubes, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Sign # 3: It Looks Like Sawdust, but It’s Called Frass!

The droppings of termites are very small and often the color of wood. This is called frass and if you notice what looks like tiny piles of sawdust around trim, window sills, or anywhere else around wood, that could be a sign of a termite infestation.

Keep a sharp eye out for this, and make sure to note any places you might have seen frass so you can let your exterminator know.

Sign # 4: Look for Signs of Wood Damage

Generally speaking termites start on the inside when eating wood before appearing on the outside. This means that wood damage from an infestation might not be easy to spot in the beginning.

Look for wood that appears to be “blistering” or swelling. Another potential way to find damaged wood is to knock on it and see if it makes a hollow sound or even bends a little. These are all possible signs that you have a termite problem.

Sign # 5: Look for the Broken Wings

We’re not talking about the song, either. During mating season the reproductive “swarmers” among the termite colony have wings and fly out to find others to mate with. When this process is over, the wings fall off.

Seeing a lot of tiny flying insects outside all at once could be one sign of termites, while large piles of tiny discarded wings are another. In many cases this is the earliest and most visible sign of a termite infestation, so don’t ignore it!

In Conclusion

Termites are never a fun thing to deal with, but the sooner you know they’re an issue, the sooner you can protect your home. Act quickly upon these five signs and you’ll be well on your way to taking care of even the worst potential termite infestation. Allow the pest professionals at Sugarland Exterminating to assist you in your quest to ensure you keep these little terrors at bay this spring!