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pestBed bugs (scientific name Cimex lectularis) are one of the most troublesome parasites that have afflicted mankind. Although bed bugs are not considered serious disease-carrying pests in the same league as dangerous insects such as mosquitoes or houseflies, those of us who have had the ill-luck of sleeping in a bed bug-infested bed know that it’s next to impossible to sleep when these tiny bugs launch a biting assault on your body. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), as well as the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), are human health bodies that classify the bed bug as a public health pest. (more…)

bigstock-Brown-Recluse-Spider-Building--23153375Whoever said that arachnophobia-the fear of spiders-is not a common phobia among humans was certainly wrong. Getting those creepy-crawly jitters at the sight of even baby spiders is a very natural fear reaction. Of course the sight of something the size of a tarantula or black widow spider sends shivers and chills down the spines of all. Granted, spiders do play a useful role in the ecosystem by keeping the levels of all those dangerous bugs in check. But you want them to stay put in their places and not crawl all over the house! (more…)

bigstock-Anopheles-mosquito--dangerous-16868006Insects might be nowhere near as large or intimidating as the big cats, such as lions and tigers that humanity has always feared and dreaded. But when you consider the amount of damage that insects inflict on us every year, you suddenly realize that though deceptively small and puny, they are far more deadly than all the world’s ‘‘dangerous’’ animals put together. If you are in doubt of the authenticity of that statement, then read on and discover a few facts about those little bugs. (more…)

Snip20130329_62Homeowners dread hearing the words “termite infestation,” but these are a reality and must be dealt with at the first signs of trouble. Unfortunately, it may often take an expert to easily recognize those first and earliest signs of a termite infestation. Fortunately, for those living in Acadiana area (from Houma to Marksville and Lake Charles to Baton Rouge), there is Sugarland Exterminating.

For more than 40 years, this firm has helped those in the area around New Iberia to combat pests of all kinds. Sugarland Exterminating deals with rodent infestations, termites, and all other similar pests. They should be considered the “go to” solutions for home or property owners in the region who suspect that they might be dealing with a termite issue. (more…)

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Sugarland Exterminating offers full service pest & termite control programs throughout Acadiana and Southwest Louisiana.

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