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Dangerous Insects

Blatella_germanica_(German_cockroach)There are an estimated six to ten million species of insects in this world, making up almost 90% of all the life of the planet. With such large numbers, it is inevitable that humans and insects will be forced to share their habitats. This is where the pest control industry comes into the picture. (more…)

bigstock-Anopheles-mosquito--dangerous-16868006Insects might be nowhere near as large or intimidating as the big cats, such as lions and tigers that humanity has always feared and dreaded. But when you consider the amount of damage that insects inflict on us every year, you suddenly realize that though deceptively small and puny, they are far more deadly than all the world’s ‘‘dangerous’’ animals put together. If you are in doubt of the authenticity of that statement, then read on and discover a few facts about those little bugs. (more…)

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