You’re on your way to the medicine cabinet because you can’t sleep, your allergies are keeping you up; then when you turn on the light, you see them. One of the worst surprises a homeowner can find in the middle of the night is cockroaches.

cockroach in your home

They infest quickly, are difficult to kill, and if that isn’t bad enough they also increase the level of allergens and disease in your home. If you suspect that your house has become the proverbial roach motel, the first and most annoying sign might just be your allergies.

Dangers of Cockroaches

Cockroaches carry multiple diseases and can easily trigger an asthmatic reaction. Cockroach feces and saliva carry at least 33 known forms of bacteria, and their fecal matter has been proven to cause allergic reactions.

When you consider how fast they spread and how easily they can get into your food supply, the dangers of cockroaches become even more clear.

Prevention Tips

While it can be difficult to get your home cockroach free, it’s not impossible. One of the first steps is to eliminate what draws them to your house. Cockroaches like dark, moist areas that have bountiful food (like under your sink, perhaps.) If you eliminate their environment and their food supply, they won’t stick around for long.


The kitchen, bathroom, and basement are all prime candidates for cockroach infestation. You want to check these areas frequently and look for any leaks, as well as any areas in your home where a bug might easily crawl in and out. Weather stripping and bad seals on windows and doors are typically the worst areas, so start with these.


Your kitchen is a valued source of food and water for you and the bugs, so check it often and keep it spotless. Be sure to mop your floors and wipe down your counter tops often. If you have any dirty dishes, clean them immediately.

Don’t leave pet food out overnight, and make sure everything is sealed up tight. Food and water are what primarily attract cockroaches, so start with the biggest draw first.


A cockroach can only go seven days without water, so make sure any sources of it are removed. Tighten up leaky pipes, keep your toilet closed, and make sure to mop up any water that might be on the floor, sink, or in the bath tub. It truly can be that simple: if there isn’t any water, then soon, there won’t be any roaches.


This is a great excuse to fix up your home, and save money on energy costs. Make sure all areas where a bug could get in are properly sealed. It may be time to caulk and reseal entryways, windows, and doors. Make sure everything closes tightly, and check for any drafty areas. Remember, if a breeze can get in, so can a cockroach.

Clear out Hiding Places

If you have cluttered closets or dark areas, you may want to take the time to clean them out and brighten them up. Cockroaches like to hide from the light so they typically come out at night, when the house is dark and quiet. If you take away their hiding spots, they won’t have as much motivation to stick around. Besides, there is a rare house that would hurt to clean things out, and this is a great excuse to tidy up areas that have been a bit neglected.

Your home is your safe haven, but when you have cockroaches, it can feel like it is threatening your very life. You shouldn’t have to worry about allergens and asthma triggers while you’re in the safety of your own home. Cockroaches can cause serious problems, but like any problem, they can be solved with the right tools, time, and patience. Sugarland Exterminating has many years of cockroach extermination experience, and we also offer free estimates so there is no reason to put up with this disgusting problem; call today!