rodentThe best way to deal with a rodent infestation is as soon as possible. The faster you can have a professional exterminator come in and take care of the situation, the less likely the infestation is to get out of control and to become a huge problem that may take a very long time to address. Here are some of the signs that your home may be in the early stages of an infestation of rodents.


Rodents are busy little creatures. If you hear footsteps on the roof, scratching or gnawing noises, it’s likely that there are rodents living in your home. Most often, you will hear the sounds in the roof and in the walls. Sometimes, you may even hear the rodents squeaking. If you hear any of these sounds, make certain that you contact an exterminator right away so that they can address the problem as soon as possible.


The most important thing to understand about rodent droppings is that they are hazardous. Rodent droppings can be vectors for several different diseases, including Hantavirus. Rodent droppings are generally fairly easy to spot but, in some cases, they may just look like spots of dirt. You’ll find them in corners and in other dark areas where rodents will tend to travel through your home and, unfortunately, this means that they may be in your kitchen and in other areas where having contaminated waste is certainly not advantageous for your health.

Rodent control oftentimes begins by tracking down the rodents. An experienced exterminator will know where to start looking and, when they find clues such as droppings and the debris that rodents sometimes leave behind when they chew or eat, they will be able to figure out which locations are the most appropriate for setting traps.

Holes and Other Damage

Chewing is something that just about every rodent does constantly. Part of the chewing they do is targeted directly at your home. You may spot small holes in wallboards and other damage that is indicative of a rodent infestation. If you don’t take care of the rodent problem as soon as possible, the damage is only going to get worse. Stopping further damage requires that you get in touch with a rodent control expert right away and, in many cases, they will be willing to offer you a free estimate so you can get an idea of how much it will cost for you to take care of the rodent problem.

Competence Matters

Rodent infestations can be taken care of, but they can also go on for an extremely long time if you don’t have a competent exterminator to work with. Rodents are very hardy creatures and, make no mistake about it they are very adaptable and very clever at staying in their homes and staying alive, even when an exterminator is trying to get rid of them. Sugarland Exterminating eliminates these creatures through various traps like rodent stations or snap traps. Sugarland Exterminating can help you get rid of the rodent problem for good.

Keep Aware

Remember to check for signs of rodent infestation whenever you get a chance and remember that they can come in from any level of your home. Rodents that live in trees may start infesting your home from the top down and mice and rats from the bottom up. Look for signs that something has been scratching at the walls, look for rodent droppings and listen at night for the sounds of rodents scurrying around your home. If you catch the problem early, it’s usually not too hard to take care of the issue before it becomes an outright infestation.