termitesFormosan termites are subterranean members of the termite family, known around the world for their destructive tendencies. Read on to learn the best ways to prevent their spreading.

On What Do Formosan Termites Live?

These termites consume cellulose and wood at a rapid rate, and they are commonly found in Louisiana and Mississippi. The most effective way to control them is by making the area in which you live or work less attractive for termite colonies. This will help in diminishing their spread.

Address Any Moisture Problems in Your Business or Home

Formosan termites are attracted to buildings with drainage or moisture problems. These cause the wood and other building materials to stay moist. If this moisture persists, brown rot may develop, producing brown rot fungi. This fungus is very attractive to Formosan termites, and having fungi of this type in your home or business facility can encourage these termites to spread.

Water damage typically occurs due to problems with pipes, ventilation, foundation cracks or roof leaks. It is not easy to detect moisture problems until they become more severe. By this time, mold and rot will occur, and you may already have termites present. Pest control specialists employ equipment that has been specifically designed to identify any damage caused by water or pests. Once these problems are identified, they can be addressed. The earlier this can be done, the less chance your building has to become infested with termites.

Eliminate Habitats for Formosan Termites from Your Yard

Large sources of food and moisture attract Formosan termites and other pests. Damp wood is especially inviting. If you have wood in your yard and it remains relatively moist, it is an appetizing and appealing invitation for termites to spread into your yard.

Wood on the ground may mean firewood piles, but it also includes wooden debris from trees. Reduce your risk of termites by keeping your yard clear of these types of wood.

Keep Contaminated Items Well Away from Your Building

Formosan termites live in wooded areas near water sources if they are not yet infesting your business or home. When you build fires, the wood you use may be contaminated by termites. Use damp wood only with extreme caution. Do not store wood against your house of commercial building, or anywhere close to it.

Formosan termites spread through areas in Louisiana and Mississippi when old buildings are torn down and the wood is salvaged and moved. Especially if the building being torn down was not maintained, or if it had flood damage, it could contain termites. When this wood is moved to other areas, the termites disperse there.

If you use reclaimed or salvaged wood, or you are rebuilding following a flood, use pressure-treated wood. This will allow you to know for certain that the wood will not become contaminated with Formosan termites. These woods, since they are treated, are also resistant to fungi and rot that would otherwise attract termites.

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