Whether you are in the food service, hospitality, manufacturing, grocery, or healthcare industries, you need commercial pest control. Pests can wreak havoc on your establishment, and create a wide range of issues for business owners, employees, and customers alike.

Food Service Industry

For those in the restaurant industry, commercial pest control is a necessity, regardless of whether you have seen any insects or not. Once you have seen roaches, mice, or other pests, you will already have a large infestation issue on your hands. In addition, if you can see evidence of a problem, you can be sure that your customers may see it as well. If this happens, your facility’s reputation and bottom line can take a serious hit.

Hospitality Services

Pests can also be devastating for those in the hospitality industry, especially if the infestation includes bedbugs, rodents, or cockroaches. While you may not think that you have an issue, it is important to remember that a patron that sees only a single insect can spread word of that sighting through the use of social media faster than ever. As a result, a single sighting can reach hundreds of people in a very short time, which can have serious implications for your establishment.

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Manufacturing Plants

While there are few if any customers that will ever make it to a manufacturing plant, commercial pest control is still an important consideration. There are a number of safety audits and regulations that are required by government officials, making pest control a high priority. Above and beyond those regulations however, is the potential that any pests can be transported with product shipments. This can have a huge impact on future relationships with distribution customers, as well as your organization’s bottom line.

Grocery and Department Stores

As with other food industry locations, grocery stores are required to follow regulations concerning the control of pests. Grocery stores and department stores alike need to understand the importance of commercial pest control in creating a healthy environment. Additionally, these areas need to pay close attention to the potential damage that a pest infestation can cause. Damage to products and merchandise causes monetary losses, and if customers are able to discover these damages prior to employees, it can have a serious impact on the reputation and popularity of the store.

Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry must follow strict regulations in pest control to ensure the safety of all patients and workers. There are numerous pests that can carry or transmit disease, and commercial pest control will protect against these possibilities. In this industry the ramifications of not having proper pest control are considerably higher, as this will result in government involvement and potential shut-downs.

Stay Protected

Commercial pest control should be an important consideration for any business or organization. Insects, rodents, and other pests can cause considerable damage to the location and to the general attitude of potential customers. Infestations are often viewed as a sign of unsanitary conditions, and this is not something that any business should leave to chance. If you have seen any signs of potential pest problems, you need to contact a professional commercial pest control company as soon as possible.

If you are looking for commercial pest control in Acadiana, Marksville, Lake Charles, or Baton Rouge, contact Sugarland Exterminating today. We provide free estimates, as well as comprehensive reviews and inspections of your business location. We will work with you to determine the best pest control options, as well as those for long term control to prevent any further problems or infestations in the future.