Unfortunately, we are in the season of cold weather and all the misery it brings. Gone are the beautiful days of summer weather, sunshine and flip-flops. As a homeowner, you’ve probably already started the process of winterizing your home to become prepared for the gusty winds, cold and maybe even ice or snow.

But, have you taken precautions to prevent rodents from taking up residence in your comfy, warm abode? If not, read on to find out how.

Unwanted Guests

Nobody likes the thought of a rodent scurrying across their kitchen floor, so taking extra steps now to prepare for keeping rodents out of your home is the best solution. A good place to start is to replace worn weather-stripping.

It’s important to repair any soft areas on the windowsills and frames because rats and mice can use these points for entering your home. Also, take care to make sure your screens fit tightly and patch up any tears quickly.

Up on the Rooftop

Many homeowners fail to pay attention to their roof other than to check for loose shingles or spots that may need repair. Did you ever stop to think about bats, raccoons and squirrels?

You can deter these critters from crawling into your attic by closing up any gaps in the eaves and flashing joints. Trimming back trees will also reduce access for squirrels.

Look High, Look Low!

Once you’re done on the rooftop, it’s time to check out the lower areas of your home. Using river rock as a barrier between your home and mulching will prevent mice from coming into your home through foundation cracks.

Check the Siding Too

Mice and bats can burrow in between loose siding and damaged panels, so these should be replaced before the weather grows cold. The gaps in between the trim and siding should be filled with caulk, and you can stuff steel wool or copper mesh into bigger holes. Any other loose areas or holes should be sealed with expanding foam.

Eliminate Rodent Habitats

Once you’ve taken care of your roof and house, you need to take a look around your yard as well. Rodents seek a warm place that offers food and shelter; you might notice you have several spots around the yard that offer the perfect accommodations. Eliminating piles of compost, old boards and bricks, and storing firewood away from the house will get rid of tempting spots for rodents to hide.

Prune trees, store trash cans away from your home and clean up any debris in the yard to take away any source of food or housing for rodents. The fewer places rodents have to hide in your yard, the less of a chance there is of them coming into your home during the cold weather.

Have Your Crawlspace Checked

If you own a home with a crawlspace, this is an area that should also be checked because it is a prime spot for rodents to come into your house. Spotting holes and burrows under the crawlspace could very well mean rodents have decided to become your newest houseguest and these areas should be addressed.

Rodent Prevention Methods

After you have taken the time to winterize and rodent-proof your home, and especially if you live in an area with a high rodent population, you may need to consider taking things a step further. Sure, you can take all these precautions, but there might be something you’ve missed.

Consider having a professional pest control company come and do an inspection of your home to make sure you haven’t inadvertently missed something important. Contact Sugarland Exterminating for a professional inspection of your home today, for peace of mind this winter.